Brinmetal sectional doors are made of 40mm thick polyurethane panels with double shell. Panoramic sections, wickets and special track shaping all designed and selected according to local possibilities and customer request.


Commonly used in industrial facilities, halls, workshops and warehouses where natural lighting is essential or is necessary to be see-through for any other reason. Panoramic sections are assembled of an aluminium frame and three types on inlay:
1. 1. double layer heat-insulation clear San sheet
2. 2. translucent Polycarbonate sheet with air-chambers for better heat-insulation
3. 3. expanded galvanised sheet
with 70% breathability




Wickets can be installed into residential and industrial sectional doors as well. Dimensions: width: 800mm, height: 2100mm. Wickets have an aluminium frame with an inlay the same as the material of the door itself. Wickets can be equipped with panoramic sections as well. For safety reasons all wickets are equipped with an auto-closer mechanism.